How To Use Gmail: The Best Tips And Tricks To Conquer Your Inbox

How To Use Gmail: The Best Tips And Tricks To Conquer Your Inbox

Gmail is a fabulous free tool from Google. However, email itself can really get on top of you. One way to keep your Gmail account from getting you down is to learn all the nifty tips and tricks for the Gmail interface that will up your productivity, improve your efficiency, and even save you some precious time.

From scheduling emails to be sent at a future point to un-sending an important email you’ve just realized contains a massive blooper, these hacks will see you mastering your Gmail account instead of being scared of it.

Gmail settings 101

To make any meaningful changes to your Gmail, you’re going to need to access the full Gmail settings menu. To do this on your desktop in a browser, you need to click on the cog-shaped “Settings” menu icon at the top right of your screen.

Once you click this, Gmail will offer you a “Quick settings” menu, but if you want to follow the instructions in this guide, you’ll need to click the “See all settings” button to properly proceed.

How to customize your Gmail inbox theme 

Let’s face it, Gmail’s default looks are boring. You can easily change your Gmail background by choosing a fresh “theme” to add wallpaper-style imagery to the backdrop of your inbox. To do this, head to your settings. Under the “General” tab, look at the sub-menu, click on “Themes,” then “Set theme.”

You will now see a pop-up window that gives you the option to pick your theme.

From here you can choose from one of Gmail’s preloaded featured images, which are primarily landscape and abstract photographs as well as block colors and a few illustrations, or you can select from your own images.

If you want to change your Gmail theme back to its original look, follow the same process, but scroll down to see the “Default” option and choose it.

How to add tabs to your Gmail inbox 

One thing many people find useful is the option to divide your Gmail inbox into category tabs. This separates your mail into categories, such as notifications from social media platforms and promotional emails from ecommerce companies, to give you a more orderly view of your important mail.

If you want to do this, or at least experiment to see if it’s a useful change, head to your settings. From there, select the “Inbox” tab. Look down the page to see the “Categories” options.

Here you can select as many of the different categories as suits you. Now your inbox will feature category tabs along the top.

Just click on each tab to view the contents. If you want to change your inbox back to a non-tabbed version, simply follow the process above and uncheck the boxes under the categories section.

Best Gmail keyboard shortcuts

If you’re a savvy computer user who is a fan of keyboard shortcuts, you’ll be delighted to hear that Gmail offers a wealth of them. To use them, you must first ensure they are enabled. Head to settings. Then, under the “General” tab, scroll down to see the option to turn keyboard shortcuts on.

Now you can keyboard-click your way to a variety of Gmail actions. Visit Gmail’s support pages to see the full list of actions now available to you…..Read More>>

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