Procreate 5X adds new features and deeper support for Apple Pencil

Procreate 5X adds new features and deeper support for Apple Pencil

Today, Savage unveiled its latest update to its popular digital illustration app, Procreate 5X. The new update features “exclusive Pencil Filters along with additional new image Filters, FacePaint, Reference Companion, Selection Fill, Palette Capture, a new way to Transform and more.”

Experience an entirely new way of applying image adjustments with Pencil Filters. Turn any brush into a filter that can be used to paint effects straight onto your canvas. The ability to adjust any effect after its been painted, coupled with the Apple Pencil’s precise and tactile control makes Pencil Filters a major step forward for creative professionals.


The new version features a number of new updates for Pencil Filters, including Gradient Map and Chromatic Aberration.

Procreate 5X comes with a host of exciting new filters and adjustments that work with Pencil Filters. From the unique and multi-faceted Glitch, to the much requested Gradient Map and Chromatic Aberration, to powerful and flexible new Bloom, Halftone and improved Noise — all ideal for adding that perfect finishing touch.

The team is also launching a new feature called FacePaint that uses ARKit and Apple’s Neural Engine to enable you to paint directly onto your face using the camera.

Harnessing the power of ARKit and Apple Neural Engine, FacePaint is a new, entertaining feature that allows anyone to paint directly onto their face. Seeing every stroke and action appear on your face in real-time is magical, with the full Procreate feature set, including Animation Assist and, even Time-lapse available.

Another interesting feature called Palette Capture will allow users to use their iPad’s camera to capture colors around them and use those colors in the app…Read more>>