Tesla Update Adds Speed Limit Graphics, Green-Light Alerts

Tesla Update Adds Speed Limit Graphics, Green-Light Alerts

Tesla drivers will clearly see how fast to go with the electric vehicle’s latest software update.

 As part of a software update to all Tesla vehicles released at the end of August, drivers will see and hear more visuals and warnings about speeding and streetlights. 

First up is a green traffic light chime that will trill while waiting at a light. Once the light is green, or the car in front of you moves along, you’ll be notified to start driving again. If you’re in an automated driving mode the chime will alert you to confirm that the car can proceed.

Another way to keep drivers paying attention to the road: Put street signs showing the speed limit directly on the screen. The speed limit visualizations now appear on the “digital” road on the center touchscreen. Now you’ll know with more transparency why you had to slow from 40 mph to 25 mph. The sign will appear as a digital graphic in the same spot as its IRL location.

While in Autopilot mode, the car’s cameras will scan the street signs to automatically re-adjust set travel speed. It’ll also be used for machine learning to teach the assistive driving system where the speed limit changes on local roads…Read more>>