The 13 Best New Features of Android 11

The 13 Best New Features of Android 11

The Android 11 Beta was initially slated to launch in tandem with Google’s annual developer’s event, but the world had different plans for this year’s software update. Despite the lack of fanfare, Google has now released the first public beta for Pixel users, leaving enough time to get the kinks worked out before it drops for other Android devices later this year.

If you’re game, you can opt-in to the Android Beta program with your Google account right now. (At present, only Pixel 2, 3, 3a and 4 users are eligible.)

Every Android beta is ostensibly a tease of what’s to come. If you download the Android 11 beta, you accept the contract of not-quite-perfect software and buggy performance with third-party apps. But in exchange, you’ll be among the first to access new features like Android 11’s revamped notifications shade, a centralized power menu and more granular permission controls.

Where to begin? Here’s a quick walkthrough of our 13 favorite new features in Android 11.